Saturday, February 28, 2009

A New Look for Visual Studio 2010 with WPF UI

Jason Zander (General Manager, Visual Studio, Developer Division) has published the first screenshots about the new Visual Studio 2010 User Interface, totally written with WPF.

Screenshots speaks...

Martin Blogs provides additional features of VS 2010. Some of the following screen shots are from his Blog. Martin’s Blog can be reached here.

Jason lists some of the changes that have been done:

· Reduced clutter and visual complexity by removing excessive lines and gradients in the UX and modernized the interface by removing outdated 3D bevels

· Placed focus on content areas by opening negative space between windows and drawing attention to the current focus with a dominant accent color and a distinctive background

· Added an inviting new palette to make VS 2010 more distinctive

One of the requested features in Visual Studio has been floating documents, so that developers can have windows on multiple monitors while coding. With the new UI this will be possible.



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