Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Case Study : Performance and Scalability Assessments of an Implementation

The MS CRM E2 team has released the white paper "SAMPLE: Performance and Scalability Assessment of Customer Implementation". This paper provides a sample final report on the results, conclusions, and recommendations from a performance and scalability assessment of a customer's implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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This paper is based on the results of a performance and scalability assessment that was performed by the UK MCS team on a customer’s implementation of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The testing was designed to simulate real world scenarios of an enterprise customer.

This document, which is intended to provide a point of reference for others who are working on similar efforts, contains details of the testing methodology and environment, as well as the attending results of the performance and scalability assessment.

Thanks to UK MCS Team, Life made easy :)

Reference: MSDN

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